Configuration not opening

I have a le potato, I downloaded ‘2022-09-22-raspbian-bullseye-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz’ and tried both blaenaEtcher and Raspberry Pi Imager to upload to the sd card. Everything installs fine, but when I go to the Raspberry PI configuration, I click on it, it hourglasses for about a half second, then stops and doesn’t display the menu. I have tried it with updates, without updates, not sure what the problem is.

The gui version of the rpi configuration does not work with Le Potato. You have to use the command line version from a terminal - rasbpi-config.

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Thank you Tiki very much. The whole command line for my notes is ‘sudo raspi-config’. Not sure how some of the youtube videos are able to go directly to config using the tabs.