Consideration about Debian 12 for ROC-RK3328-CC

It looks to me the Debian image is missing some relevant packages.

The package dhcpdc-base is missing, this is and handy solution to get wifi working.
Since the dhcp wasn’t working the same went for systemd-timesyncd that I ditched for chrony.

By default use BTRFS with compression, now BTRFS is not the default choice for Debian, and compression perhaps it may write lesser data on disk but with such underpowered CPU is quite the trade off. As a matter of fact I was trying to understand while so much latency with the keyboard and perhaps I understood why.

Trying to upgrade the system I got some missing source for build firmware. If the board isn’t completely supported upstream by Debian perhaps you should provide a PPA to provide these missing pieces.

If I am going to notice others stuff, I am going to report those here…


Are you referring to Debian 11 or 12? systemd-networkd (networkctl) should have a DHCP client built-in. We have fake-hwclock enabled. Do you have a specific scenario for WiFi that does not work?

This is good advise. We will make a best practices document in the future to include this for specific applications scenarios. For our images, we will keep the minimal timesyncd implementation.

These boards have more IO limitations than CPU limitations. If there’s a lot of keyboard latency, it could be that the board is temperature throttled or paging to disk.

Explain more, what firmware? We don’t supply any firmware in our repos and all of our package sources are on GitHub.

I am testing Debian 12…

I was unaware of systemd-networkd I tent to avoid systemd based distros as much as I can, but it is not connected with the networking.service restarting that service did not trigger any dhcp service so I was connected to the router but not connected to internet.

My board beside the heatsink has also active cooling so it might be overheating but I really hope it is not.

Now I can’t still ssh into the board to get that message, I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

Please check and let us know if there’s an reproducible issue there.

We have never had any keyboard input lag issues on a properly configured setup and not overloaded system. The normal things to check are ping consistency, CPU temperature, RAM and disk utilization for keyboard input issues.

I just successfully replaced Debian with Devuan.
This already made the OS leaner. What I am going to do instead is encrypting the emmc, and mount it as / but with EXT4 but keep to boot on the SD Card, and then starting doing some benchmarks.