Cooling case, which pins


I just bought an “Active Cooling Media Center PC Case” for my Le Potato. On which pins should I connect the fan? On the box it says: Red on pin 2, black on 6 (for maximum speed), red on 1 for quiet cooling. However I found a video on Youtube with different pins suggestion.

Which pins should I use for maximum cooling?

Thank you.

Hi Arnauld. You have two options - 3.3v supply or 5v supply. 5 volt will spin faster, but also use more electricity. 3.3v will use less power and be quieter but will cool less well. If you want 3.3v you can use Pin 1 of the main header of pins for the + (red wire) and any of the ground pins for the - (black wire). If you want 5v supply, you can use pin 2 or 4 of the main (large) pin header.

There are ground pins at 9, 14, 20, 25, 30, 34 and 39. You can find a description of all of the pins in this document:

Hope this helps! It is a great little board, but it does get hot so cooling is a good idea.


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Thank you, yes, it can get a little hot. I used red on 2 black on 6.

I like the pins on the SPDIF header, since I don’t use it anyhow. Leaves the pi header for other stuff.