Desktop process not started/inaccessable to remote agent

I’m using a copy of the Raspian Buster from the distro server for the ROC-RK3328-CC. I also use a program called DWService for remote access, the issue I’m having is that the desktop environment doesn’t automatically start when remotely rebooted. Is their any fix for this?

How is that possible? By default Raspbian Desktop starts on reboot. What is it booting to if not the desktop? Are you using the desktop image?

Raspbian Buster is based on Debian 10 which is no longer supported by upstream. We advise you to move on from that image.

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Yes I am using a desktop image of raspbian buster (for program compatibility reasons), if what you say is correct I’ll start troubleshooting on my remote agents end.
But to reiterate the desktop environment is supposed to start on boot regardless even if their is no USB peripheral plugged in other than the micro sd, Right?

Yes, it should start to desktop no matter what.

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Ok, I will start troubleshooting on the other end.