Drivers for MyGica A681B - HDTV USB Stick

I bought myself a Le Potato and MyGica ATSC HDTV Stick (A681B) for Xmas.

The goal is to create a small sever for streaming local TV channels to myself (in the US).

So far the experience is going well. Initially bought a PNY SD card - which failed pretty quickly (its now become completely read only). And after reading through the forums I changed to a Samsung, had no issues with power and been booting into various distros without problem.

I’ve had no problem installing tvheadend as a service on various distros but I can’t get it to recognize the USB stick. On windows it works fine, for Linux MyGica providers drivers for generic Linux and Pi.

Is my assumption that I have to recompile the drivers for my distro and then use insmod, etc the right path to be on? Has anyone done this with MyGica h/w?

Our boards run standard arm64 Linux and modules. You should contact MyGica about compiling the drivers for the latest Linux LTS (linux 6.1).