Easy GPIO Python Library

I’m looking for a GPIO library in the style of the RPi.GPIO library. It seems that the standard for controlling GPIO pins on the libre hardware is libgpiod library. The only wrappers I’ve found for this don’t do much to improve the ease-of-use of this library. I was wondering if anyone has already written a direct replacement for the RPi.GPIO using libgpiod in the backend. With hardware like the Le Potato being sold as an alternative for Raspberry Pis, I think it would make sense to have such a thing. If that doesn’t exist, would anyone be willing to contribute to such a project?

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The problem is that I don’t know Python. A GPIO library is pretty stupid simple. Maybe will learn Python and hack together a library with static lookups.

There were a few options bounced around in the Armbian forums some time ago, the only one currently worked on is Java, GitHub - sgjava/javauio: Java UIO provides high performance Java interfaces for Linux Userspace IO.

Previously I had helped a tiny bit with pyGPIO - A 'more general' python GPIO library - Reviews, Tutorials, Hardware hacks - Armbian Community Forums

I’m not sure it even uses modenr methods for accessing the GPIO though, I can’t remember.

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Just put a wrapper around the gpio.maps in libretech-wiring-tool and save some handles to reduce grepping through the file. This should be pretty simple.