Elecrow 5" and Le Potato not working with Waveshare commands

I searched and went here,

Tried the “sudo ldto enable …”

and got

“LDTO_enable: spicc-cell does not exist and cannot be added”

Same for “merge”

What do I need to do to get the touch working?


Did you update your system?

Yes of course I had updated and upgraded. But, I have figured it out.

I thought that “ce1” was the Lower case version of “CEL” but it is a NUMBER-ONE.

Guys, change that program name to “spicc-ce2” or something more obvious that cannot be confused with LOWER-CASE letters “L” and “O” for numbers “one” and “zero.”

I wasted several hours before I realized it was a ONE!

Change your font or use copy and paste. We are not going to change chip enable 1 to chip enable 2 since it is not chip enable 2.