EMMC availability

When will EMMC storage be available again?

They will be available end of next week.


Any updates on this :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

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Does any eMMC (v0.4 or below) work? They come pre-loaded with OS but that can be wiped…

Not sure what v0.4 is but you can pre-order them here.

v0.4 is what’s printed on the eMMC. I have no clue what that is either, a version #?
Is that the only compatible eMMC on the Libre Computer? The one you sell?

eMMC modules have no standardization. Only our eMMC modules are compatible with our boards. We only use Samsung and Hynix eMMC ICs for performance and reliability reasons.

Oh, so the eMMC that I have coming in the mail won’t work? It’s Toshiba…

Probably not, HardKernel was one of the first to put the eMMC on a PCB module and made it removable. The problem is that they put the male header on the board and in our testing, it was highly unreliable and broken to breaking after a few attachments. This meant that your board was un-usable with eMMC which is a big no-no for us. We rather the eMMC module’s connector break than the board connector break. When we set our standard, we put the female connector on the board which is much more reliable.

It worked now… I was having issues paying… Odd…

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