EMMc not available in Libre Renegade / ROC-RK3328-CC

I’m trying to identify how to boot to the EMMC storage onboard the Renegade/ROC-RK3328.CC.

The SBC does boot up, and I’m able to successfully launch from the MicroSD card in both Ubuntu and Raspbian. I’ve looked through the steps on the troubleshooting Boot Issues for it, but that doesn’t seem to address this. I’d like to have it boot from the EMMc storage, however, but that doesn’t show up in the /dev/ folder as an available device or location.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

There is no eMMC on the board. There’s an eMMC connector to attach eMMC modules.

Re-reading specs and different boot up instructions, I’d managed to misunderstand that the eMMC module on the Renegade is not built-in - but is an add-on board.

Thanks for the reply