Encoding video stream using hardware acceleriation

Thinking to buy Regenerade SBC and using it as a video/stream converter beacuse it has a h264 and h265 encoders. Is possible to use it with ffmpeg?

There is no upstream driver for the encoder for RK3328.

I have 2 ROC-3328-CC boards, a 2 & 4 Gig. Mostly using LibreELEC kodi because it works.
Can you elaborate a little.
Why does the board have a 1080P h265 hardware ENCODER?
If a Upstream driver for the encoder could be used with FFMPEG, it would allow the board to reduce file sizes maybe to 1/10th and may not take all the time a software h265 does. The board could be used as a batch compressor and would make the board a real good investment.

P.S. I’m still trying to get the hardware DECODER to work on Ubuntu 22.04 desktop to view h265 video’s @ 1080P. Nothing seems to make that work and I have kernal 6 already.
I have a working spinning horse 3D demo that seems ok and it will play a h265 720p video file OK (Kind OF).

Encoding is a much more complex topic than decoding. Encoding has a few hundred tunable factors and output formats and bitrates. Decoders are simplier but they are also limited to certain profiles, bitrates, and formats.

so does it mean we cant use hardware encoding via ffmpeg and stream at a same time in RK3328? Do you have any board that can do that?

There’s no upstream driver for the encoder yet. This may change in the next year or so.