Encoding video stream using hardware acceleriation

Thinking to buy Regenerade SBC and using it as a video/stream converter beacuse it has a h264 and h265 encoders. Is possible to use it with ffmpeg?

There is no upstream driver for the encoder for RK3328.

I have 2 ROC-3328-CC boards, a 2 & 4 Gig. Mostly using LibreELEC kodi because it works.
Can you elaborate a little.
Why does the board have a 1080P h265 hardware ENCODER?
If a Upstream driver for the encoder could be used with FFMPEG, it would allow the board to reduce file sizes maybe to 1/10th and may not take all the time a software h265 does. The board could be used as a batch compressor and would make the board a real good investment.

P.S. I’m still trying to get the hardware DECODER to work on Ubuntu 22.04 desktop to view h265 video’s @ 1080P. Nothing seems to make that work and I have kernal 6 already.
I have a working spinning horse 3D demo that seems ok and it will play a h265 720p video file OK (Kind OF).

Encoding is a much more complex topic than decoding. Encoding has a few hundred tunable factors and output formats and bitrates. Decoders are simplier but they are also limited to certain profiles, bitrates, and formats.