Ethernet port randomly shutting down

So I’m using a le potato to run klipper for my 3d printer and for some reason the Ethernet port gets shutdown after around a hour of it running. If someone could help me figure out what’s going on that would be great.

Please copy and pastebin your dmesg log.

Wasn’t able to send the paste here, so here is a link.

There’s a conflict between vrtc and rtc. Do you have an RTC attached? If so, you need to alias the vrtc to rtc1 so that the real rtc can be rtc0. Either disable one or the other or alias them to use the real rtc.

In the RTC overlay, you need to add fragment one with the following:

aliases {
rtc0 = &rtc-node-label;
rtc1 = &vrtc;

The Ethernet goes down suspiciously close to the 90 minute mark. Is the RTC set for 90 minutes?

I’m not sure what a rtc is but I don’t have anything attached that isn’t stock with the board.

The only thing we can see from the logs is that something runs ethtool and tries to turn on WOL which is not supported. Can you provide another 2 logs of when this occurs?

None of the systems in our labs have exhibited this issue so a picture of your setup along with the power supplly and how its connected would be helpful in identifying potential problems.

Do you have other devices on the switch? When the disconnect occurs, what is the state of the LEDs on the board and switch?