Flight radar 24 or flight aware feeder

Can libre board le potato run flight radar 24 or flight aware feeder

FlightAware (Piaware), runs OK. FR24 not tried yet.

How did you get it to work. For me FR24 works and the computer is shown as online but there is no data being sent. The antenna is high up enough to be able to reach so I don’t know the cause. I also downloaded PiAware and that one shows fully offline with no data being sent at all.

Do you have dump1090-fa running? PiAware is only the middle-man between the receiver program (dump1090-fa in this case) and the FlightAware site.
I have another Le Potato on the way and will try to get my ADS-B feeder running on it.
I’ll update you if I’m successful.

I can confirm everything works fine for piaware and dump1090-fa.
I had everything running in about 15 minutes following this.

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