FreeBSD on Le Potato?

Has anyone tried running FreeBSD on Le Potato? I run it on my Raspberry Pi computers, but I don’t know how compatible hardware could be. If you can get it to boot, are there any components of Le Potato that need additional work to make them compatible?

Do not create multiple threads for similar requests.

I don’t think I did. The “Requests” message was for you folks to do some basic testing with FreeBSD to find out if your platform at least boots, and the “Software” question queried the community to find out if anyone else is experimenting with FreeBSD on one specific device which appears to use components that are supported.

Based on the category descriptions you provided, it seemed clear that “Requests” are are received by your company, and “Software” is part of community discussion. If that was incorrect, then clarify your explanations of these categories

“We don’t support ” can be interpreted multiple ways. If you’re only interested in supporting certain open source software, then be more clear about it. If it may be compatible but you just don’t know, then perhaps you should be honest about that and back off when others try to fill in the gaps.

I certainly read that as the same question twice. It doesn’t matter what category you post under, it’s still annoying fo those of us who read every post.

In answer to your sliiiiiightly different BSD question: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Nice attitude. Really helps to promote the brand.

Libre: to avoid this sort of confusion in the future, you might want to clarify that “Requests” is a community discussion channel, rather than a way to make requests.

Sorry, I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

What I should of said was “We can all see everything, and I don’t know of anybody who’s tried BSD.”

Don’t double post. Closing this thread. Use your original thread. FreeBSD on libre hardware