FreeBSD on libre hardware

FreeBSD is supported by a number of ARM-based small systems, including Raspberry Pi. Could someone try installing FreeBSD on devices, see if it boots, then check a few functions like the crypto subsystem, GPIO, ethernet, and video playback? I’m happy to help work on support for peripherals, but I want to know that the system boots first.

We don’t support FreeBSD.

The hardware, or the company? Do you mean that FreeBSD doesn’t work on this hardware at all, or merely that you’re unable to provide technical customer service if someone has FreeBSD-related questions?

  1. FreeBSD, the OS is not supported. Upstreaming Linux support per product cost hundreds of thousands to million. FreeBSD is not a large enough market for us to invest in.
  2. We don’t provide technical or customer service for people who need FreeBSD. FreeBSD is licensed under non-GPL so improvements to software is not required to be disclosed. This makes the effort difficult to justify since it does not coincide with our goals of upstream.

Did you ever give it a try yourself? In the unlikely event that it boots, I assume the first issue will be lack of networking drivers in the FreeBSD kernel.

I have a few Le Potato boards. If I get around to trying, I’ll let you know. I put the probability of a successful boot (login prompt on the console) at around 10%. :slight_smile:

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Hello. Le Potato owner/user here. I’ve tried this image and didn’t boot:

Let me know if you need more tests.

ARM64 image does not mean it has drivers to support devices.

Yeah but I was hoping I could get at least bare minimal support. Because it works on my NanoPi NEO

Okay this is probably a false report. I think I’ve mistaken something.

You’re probably thinking of NetBSD. We don’t support any BSDs directly.

Others: I have the hardware. If you need me to test something, just ping me on this thread.