GenBasic 2A4M1 Power Characterization

USB WiFi 4 Dongle


  • Idle Not Connected - 0.02A (0.1W)
  • Idle Scanning - 0.03A (0.15W)
  • Idle Connected - 0.06A (0.3W)
  • Load 2.4GHz iperf RX - 0.08A (0.4W)
  • Load 2.4GHz iperf TX - 0.18A (0.9W)


  • Idle Not Connected - A (W)
  • Idle Scanning - A (W)
  • Idle Connected - A (W)
  • Load 2.4GHz iperf RX - A (W)
  • Load 2.4GHz iperf TX - A (W)

Installed this today and it worked right out of the box. I had tried another and the OS would not recognize it. Very inexpensive. Great find.

  1. Make sure your USB port voltage does not exceed 5.5V. Some users reported it not working and switching power supplies made it work.
  2. What is the other OS?