GPIO to RS485 on Le Potato

Hi There,

I am trying to use an “RS485 Pi” board from AB Electronics (RS485 serial interface for the Raspberry Pi) to use the GPIO pins for communicating to a RS485 controlled device on my Le Potato board running Raspbian. I have tried to follow the steps regarding use on a Pi 3/4 but to no avail, I have also enabled the uarta overlay but this doesn’t seem to have helped.

Is there anything I am missing or somebody else that has done this before that can help?

RS485 can be attached to UART_A per the GPIO map.

Pin 8/10 TX/RX and 16/18 for CTS/RTS. You can use the uart-a-rts-cts overlay. Or the uart-a-rts-cts-clk81 overlay for additional frequencies.

You need to find the schematic of that RS485 board to see which pins it is using.