GPIOAO_9 as normal GPIO device not working

I’m trying to convert some software that normally runs on raspberries to run on the potato.

I need GPIOAO_9 to work like the normal GPIO27 (pin13) on raspberry pi.

I managed to get GPIOAO_8 to work like GPIO17 (pin11) on the raspberry pi but not GPIOAO_9.

Is there a wire overlay I need to enable to get pin 13 to be usable by libgpiod?

Not sure what you mean. Never been in the same room as a Raspberry Pi either though, I might be missing something.

To blink an LED on pin13 in python with libgpiod:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

#this script will blink an LED attached to pin 13 (chip# 0, linux# 9)

import gpiod
import time

chip = gpiod.Chip('0') # set the chip number
lines = chip.get_lines([9]) # setthe line number
lines.request(consumer='spam', type=gpiod.LINE_REQ_DIR_OUT, default_vals=[0]) # set direction and value
# Not sure what 'consumer' does, so I just set it to nonesense. The guide I folowed did the likewise.

# here's the loop
	for i in range(10):