H5 requiring a powercycle after reboot

Working with the all-h3-cc-h5 with Debian Bookworm (12) and 4.x EMMC.
System runs fine, boots correctly, but hangs when rebooting.

Running sudo reboot or sudo systemctl reboot causes the device to shutdown nicely, but the system never boots back up.
Journalctl shows that the watchdog timer is poked just before the system goes down and remains down. My theory is the RST line to the CPU is being held by something but I’m not sure what.

A physical power cycle causes the device to boot correctly, but soft rebooting is prevented.

Oddly enough, it seems I can successfully reboot from an image on the SD card, but not the EMMC.

Issue still exists on Kernel 6.1.46-08797-g9c18484153bc

This issue is not present on the raspbian image with kernel 6.1.46… but only if the GUI is enabled.
Purging the GUI reproduces this issue until the system is manually cycled.

What is the last message you get on a reboot halt vs a reboot success? Your description is a little contradictory. Can you please clarify the image, reboot command, and condition for it to hang?

We are running the latest bootloader and kernel and reboot worked OK.

[  OK  ] Reached target Reboot.
[  245.869989] reboot: Restarting system
DRAM: 2048 MiB
Trying to boot from MMC2