Hamclock application on libre

Hi , is there a workaround for VNC on these boards.
Secondly i have installed Hamclock on the raspberry os , but have noticed that my hamclock application will not shutdown and if i try to access remotely i get the message that the application is already running.
Any help or advise please.

What is wrong with VNC?

If you are creating a remote session, you are not accessing the local instance which is why you are getting that error. How do you have VNC configured? There are multiple VNC servers available. You can try tightvncserver.

thank you for getting back to me. for the Vnc all i did was turn it on in sudo raspi config… but i get a red X on the VNC and it asks for liscencing. the entire system is localised. i also tried installing tight vnc. it worked once and stopped. unless i am doing something wrong.
kindly point me to correct steps if possible.

You can go on Google and search Debian VNC setup. Don’t bother with Raspberry Pi tutorials.

so what about the hamclock app? do u have any idea why it does not shutdown and save the files on this system, or why i get the error of duplicate application?

Disable Raspberry Pi’s VNC and just use tightvnc from the Debian repository.

For HamClock, just kill the other HamClock processes. Did you launch HamClock in a VNc session before?

Killing the processes from task manager is not the solution to the problem.
If the board constantly does this, then there is something fundamentally wrong somewhere.
One should not have to always go into task manager or RFkill to stop something that is meant to be atopped from within the programme.
It is also noted that the provesses run in root and as a other user, although i only created one user when i was building the rapberry image.

You are asking basic Linux questions that are not relevant to our boards or software. Look up Debian setup instructions for your software instead of Raspberry Pi instructions and they will work.

the problems are with your boards. because this does not happen with other Linux systems and or small form factor systems that i have., so to say that they are not related to your boards or software or even how you hardcode your systems, are simple not true.
the isue is not with debian or raspian. it is simple how your boards are.

Our images are standard Ubuntu and Raspbian images. If you don’t have a license for RealVNC, install a VNC server that doesn’t require a license. There are many options. HamClock is not our software. You are asking general Linux setup questions. This hub is for questions pertain to our boards and software, not random software on the internet.