Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding/Encoding on Le Potato (with Armbian)

I need to make stream to youtube with 1080p 30fps. I was trying to do it using ffmpeg and gstreamer with v4l2m2m de/encoding drivers. Both of them gave errors like there is no frames on output of video decoder. I thought that drivers for videodecoding on aml-s905x are not fully ready in linux kernel, but my friend can play 1080p 30fps video on the same machine in xfce desktop environment. Is there any possibility of hardware accelerated de/encoding for streaming on Le Potato?

There are multiple hardware decoders on the SoC. Two are capable of decoding H.264. 1 has an upstream driver that works via V4L2 M2M for certain profiles. Any application that makes use of V4L2 M2M will work although seek may not work. You can also wire the pipeline between a video, the hardware decoder, and video output directly using gstreamer.

The encoder is not supported but we plan to have it supported in 2024.


@librecomputer Hello. Glad that it will be supported in 2024. Any estimations if it’ll be ready for Christmas or we should wait longer?

Next year, not this year.

Could you say where i can track if drivers are ready?

This requires multiple parties to participate. We have approached Amlogic repeatedly on this for multiple years but support has yet to materialize.