Hardware features support table for SBCs

Hello. It would be really nice if you could put a hardware feature support table in each SBC’s page. E.g. video encoding/decoding, OpenGL and so on. The values could be “supported in mainline”, “supported in downstream kernel”, “planned for 2024”, etc.

We only support mainline. We do not support the downstream kernel.

OpenGL ES is supported across our entire product line.

The only bit that is variable is the video encoder/decoder. Even if we created a chart, it’s too confusing to be understood by the average user since there are a half of encoder/decoder APIs.

You can find more information about what is supported on each SoC in their community pages. If you have a specific query, you can ask here as we work within those communities.

linux-sunxi - ALL boards
linux-meson - AML boards
linux-rockchip - ROC boards

Yeah but it would be very useful for over average user. BTW, are neural coprocessors on A311D supported by mainline?

Yes, we sponsored Tomeu’s latest work for mesa. See Libre Computer Cottonwood Alta TensorFlow Lite MobileNetV1 Guide

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