Has anyone tried hooking up an HDMI touch screen?

I have a Python application running on an R Pi 4 with Raspbian. It’s nothing demanding. Just needs an RS-232 dongle, keyboard, mouse, and a touch screen. There is no GPIO. The touch screen is the HDMI type with a USB plug for the touch. Got it from amazon here,


Is it an easy port to Le Potato? My top preference would be to just plug the R-Pi’s flash card in Le Potato and go. Is it that easy? If there are easy drivers for Le Potato with Ubuntu, that would be OK too. I just don’t want to get hung up working through display touch driver issues.

What’s my easiest path?

OK, so there are a few possible tricky parts to the app. it uses curses and blessed console terminal controls. Also it uses the PySimpleGUI, signal, and serial (RS-232) libraries. All of that has to be installed on the system. Obviously all of those are already installed in the Raspbian microSD.

The display should just work the same. Tested 6" 1024x600 display before.