HDMI & SPI - Dual Monitor Set Up - Le Potato


I have an ILI9341 & HDMI Screen connected to a Le Potato (Bullseye) - I can enable the Spicc & Spicc-ili9341 overlay (modified for rotation) which automatically (most of the time) sets up the ili9341 as the primary monitor - which proves that I can connect to both screens.

However what I really want to do is have both screens active as a dual monitor set up. I’m looking for some general direction about how to set this up - if its possible on a Le Potato? Is this something that requires some special set up in xorg.conf.d or a special overlay (or a completely different alternative).

I do see some Pi Tutorials on how to set this up but these usually end up being rabbit holes which are not the best approach on a Le Potato … Hence I’m looking for some advice.

I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been covered already but apologies if I’ve somehow missed any relevant info in my searches.