HFSPlus File Type Help

I’ve already booted the device, solved a display issue, and currently running Homebridge on my Le Potato. Now I’m trying to add a support for a Network Time Machine backup.

I was hoping to get help on how to add HFS/+ support to my device.

Context: When trying to add hfsplus support through apt install hfsplus hfsutils hfsprogs I’m getting the error of: unknown filesystem type 'hfsplus'. when trying to mount a hfsplus drive. After hours of looking through forums I believe the kernel is missing the support since I get the following response when running cat /boot/config-<kernel> | grep HFS:

# CONFIG_HFS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_HFSPLUS_FS is not set
Kernel: 6.1.26-05272-g26c406245a2c

Any tips, suggestion, or help would be greatly appreciated!

Please run the following:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install linux-image-lc-lts-arm64 linux-headers-lc-lts-arm64

It should include HFS/+ support.

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This completely solved my issue! Thank you so much!

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