HomeAssistant OS (not Supervised) install on La Frite AML-S805X-AC

Hi, judging by the Specs of the board (in particular, UEFI Bios and SPI NOR), and the Linux kernel 6.6 that comes with HA’s latest version 12, La Frite should be able to boot the generic aarch64 image of HomeAssistant OS …
Am I wrong ?
Anyone successful in that ?
Any feedback would be very appreciated.
Many Thanks

I did this with a Renegade Elite HomeAssistant OS install on a RockChip 3399 board - Installation - Home Assistant Community, hopefully it will work as well on the La Frite :slight_smile:

Hi teuf, your post was just the inspiration for my question but it look like this board is not widespread at all and the developers themselves believe that this test (just trying to boot an image!) is not worthy.
It’s a pity because La Frite was a serious candidate to be the cheapest board to run HA OS.
I think I’m not going to buy a board with such a poor support.

La Frite can boot normal Linux distros. As HA is not a distro project, the quality can be dramatically less than distros. It’s not that the board is poorly supported but the HA image can be of poor quality.