How to boot generic archlinux from usb?

Hi, I am trying to boot generic arch from a usb and followed these steps but when it boots up the display gets green/red lines. I configured networkmanager to enable ethernet on boot using chroot but it doesn’t seem to get to that step. I think the boot script could be wrong but I am not sure, I’ve tried different variations with the same result or just an error then falling back to tftp. Any suggestions are appreciated.

We will have Arch release and support this week or early next. Just keep tabs on Twitter or look for release notes here.


I’m also very interested in Arch. Glad to hear it is coming soon.

IMHO, Arch is a form of sadism.

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But with i3 and arch plus some performance tweaks and a 10k mah battery it will make the la frite a beast

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Related note: is the Ubuntu server image fairly performance optimized for the Le Potato? Should I expect there to be much overhead from the base system or is it relatively negligible?

There’s not much on the server image in terms of extra services that would slow you down. We will be releasing an Ubuntu “base” image soon that is basically the server image without weston and cloud-init so smaller in size and gets network faster at the expense of you having to customize more things to your liking and not being able to pre-configure the image via the FAT partition configs.

Excellent. Really appreciate the pace that you guys are going and the level of support; this alone makes me feel way more comfortable with your hardware. You’ve definitely got me as a loyal customer and I’ve recommended LibreComputer to all my colleagues.

Semi related, the schematic links on the Le Potato pages all point to privated documents that can’t be accessed anymore. Could you perhaps please fix those at some point?

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Search schematics at the top of this page. Those link work. We hate updating our website.

Hey, sorry for dredging up an old thread, but since I haven’t seen any updates on Arch for the Le Potato yet, do you have any additional resources on how one could manually create a bootable Arch Linux ARM image for the Le Potato?

I’ve found some resources such as this one, but the Armbian image no longer has the same root directory structure, so it seems this method is outdated.

Any additional information or official Arch Linux ARM images would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

libretech-flash-tool will handle the bootloader. We provide our kernel source on GitHub. We will write up a guide in the future.

any update on this? I need to run jag (for Toit), which is only available on Windows/Mac/Arch distros. I own a Le Potato and I can’t seem to get Arch to boot.

kind of a noob with all this. what can I do once I flash the bootloader?