How to create GPIO waves on renegade?

When using pigpiod on raspberry pi I can create waves through the gpio. However, I have seen things on the forum that says pigpiod is only for raspberry pi.
Is there an alternative that allows me to create waves through the gpio on the renegade?
(Preferably python but not required)

GPIO waves? As in a PWM signal? Whoever introduced the term is not using the proper terminology so it is not clear exactly what the desired outcome is.

Sorry, I think Waveform is the proper term?
Here is a link of what I mean from pigpiod. I understand that I need something different for renegade, I just don’t know where to look.

Most of these RPi GPIO libraries confuse concepts. There no such thing as waveforms in embedded. The documentation provides no description of what exactly it is. Avoid these trash non-portable libraries.

Is there anything similar, (that isn’t restricted to pwm pins), that is still accurate?

Waveform is any signal over time. What signal is it? What exactly are you trying to do?