How to enable CVBS output in Raspbian

Normally on the Raspberry PI you would be able to modify the CVBS/Composite/RCA video output settings in Raspbian with the config.txt file, but that file doesn’t work on the Le Potato board.

How does one go about modifying the settings to enable analog CVBS output from boot on the Le Potato in Raspbian?

You can use the ldto tool in Libre Computer Wiring Tool to enable/merge CVBS into the base device tree. This is across all of our official distro images, not just Raspbian.

Sorry, I’m kind of new to this. The only overlay I’m seeing in the list that looks relevant is cvbs-disable. But I want to enable cvbs (not disable it), and also set it to NTSC. Which overlay settings do that?

CVBS should be enabled already by default. Type drm-info in a terminal and copy the output.