How to get into AML-S905X-CC BIOS settings?

How to get into AML-S905X-CC BIOS settings??? Can anyone help?? Thanks.

There is no BIOS. Only device tree (hardware description) handed to Linux which you can override via overlays. Then the Linux drivers determine how to use those overlays to drive the hardware.

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Thanks for the reply! But can you please redirect me to how can I override via overlays. I’m new to this system. Also please tell me how can I hide this message displayed at the time of start(please refer the screen shot I have attached). Thank You

Neither of those things are trivial.

I have no Idea how to hide the boot messages, and I personally wouldn’t, because if you have boot problems in the future they will be that much harder to debug.

As far as writing overlays that is a HUGE topic. It’s not feasible to write a complete how-to in a forum post. What specifically are you looking to do?

Info on applying existing Device Tree Overlays:

Here is a good resource for learning about the device tree by Thomas Petazzoni of Bootlin. He doesn’t get into overlays, but you kind of have to understand this first (EDIT: prepare yourself for some 0xBADCAFE):

That cannot be overridden through device tree. You need to compile your own bootloader and learn u-boot.