How to identify a AML-S905x-CC / Potato in Software

Does anyone know how to identify a Le Potato in software? I am running Raspbian / Bullseye 11 / 64 bit, and /proc/cpuinfo does not provide Hardware, Revision, or Model lines (which is probably not unexpected, since the OS doesn’t implicitly know what the board is).

I do know that as compared to a Raspberry PI board I an look for /sys/bus/platform/devices/firmware:secure-monitor/serial (absent on a RPi), which will give me a unique serial number for the Libre board, but is there anything that can tell me that it is a AML-S905X-CC or how much memory (hardware, e.g., 1 GB or 2 GB, not how much is available to the OS, e.g. free), etc.? With a real Raspberry Pi I can get that from /proc/cpuinfo (and parsing Revision, which also gives me manufacturer, board revision, etc.), but I have not found the equivalent on Le Potato.

I realize that this is comparing Raspberries to Potatoes (vs. Apple to Oranges), but looking for how in software I can report on the hardware. Right now I have just a couple of Le Potatoes, so I don’t even know how other Libre boards might look different.



DMI is the industry standard. You can use dmidecode. Raspberry Pi modifies their kernel and injects extra fields in /proc/cpuinfo which is not the proper way to do it.