How to install nixos in each SBC?

I was looking for resources on how to install nixos on librecomputer SBCs. After numerous trials i don’t get what i am doing wrong.
There are official guides on how to do it:

Moreover there is the official tool:

And this thread

Which would be the step by step to boot nixos?

I explain what i have done until now, i picked up the vanilla configuration.nix and installed uefi on graphical iso, installed uefi on minimal iso with 512MB /boot/efi fat32 (Grub and systemd-boot) and one single partition / in mbr (grub and standalone).

Hi, I installed nixos on alta aml-a311d using an image of nixos 23.11 in Hydra - Latest builds for job nixos:release-23.11:nixos.sd_image.aarch64-linux.

Choose one which has been processed successfully. I expect it to work on the newest boards. Flash it to an SD and boot the SBC. The u-boot starts this one up based on extlinux configuration file in the fat32 partition.


Nix’s ARM64 images should work on all of our boards.

For boards like Le Potato and Tritium and Renegade without SPI firmware, just use libretech-flash-tool to flash the bootloader onto the image (or use dd with the bootloader file from It should work as long as it’s not GPT partitioning. If it is GPT partitioning, we recommend splitting the bootloader device and the GPT disk.

Nixos seems to work in all boards but tritium.

Moreover right now I am trying to put kernel 6.7 on some boards and they freezer on boot up, i dont know exactly why.

Do you know what happens with Tritium? Any messages?

I just checked beacuase i lend renegade. Renegade and Tritium stay idle.

Tritum: Red light and no image through hdmi

Renegade: Red and green light and no hdmi output

In AML-311 works perfectly only 1/20 it does not recognices the sd card. On 905 no apparent problems.

Moreover, over the initial question, With Hydra - Latest builds for job nixos:release-23.11:nixos.sd_image.aarch64-linux i can flash it on sd cards, but which is the same img for usb? i tried to flash it on usb and it didn’t work. This is the expected behaviour or it should work?

For AML-S905X-CC, it requires eMMC or SD card to boot. The bootloader must be flashed to either of these and not USB since there’s no onboard bootloader.