How to install openmediavault6 on Le Potato

I’m new to tech and need some help. I want to install openmediavault6. I tried to install it using portainer however, it seems like there isn’t a good docker environment for this. I am only trying to use open media vault for learning, so I’m not really intending for it to be on a production environment. However, I am really just trying to understand networking and Learn about the tools that are available for networking, which is why I thought open media vault to be a great place to start.

Without beating around the bush, does anyone have any resources or know of any documentation to install open media vault on le potato?

Le Potato should support docker. Update the system first and then try. Use Ubuntu rather than Raspbian since it has newer packages.

I am just now seeing this. I will remember this for future reference.

I ended up using samba to create a network folder.