How to make TP-Link TL-WN725N work on Raspbian?

I bought a simple wifi adapter (TP-Link TL-WN725N) ad it works very well on Libre’s version of Ubuntu, but it doesn’t work on Raspbian. I don’t have access to an ethernet port/cable and wifi is the only option I have for internet. All guides recommend I connect via an ethernet, but I can’t. I CAN download files and then transfer over via a USB. How can I make this USB adapter work on Raspbian?

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sudo apt install linux-image-lc-lts-arm64
sudo reboot

Does it mean that this wifi adapter will work for me on raspbian? Do I only need to run the command you added?

This WiFi adapter WORKS with their current version of Raspbian, but you have to make some changes. Make sure you download Raspbian from Libre’s website here: ( Index of /ci/raspbian/11/ ) and make sure you download the file that has the description aml-905x-cc.

Flash it onto your SD card and set-up your username and password. When you get to the part that asks you to connect to the internet, click “skip”. The next prompt will ask you to update, again click “skip”. Wait for your Le Potato to reboot and get into Raspbian by clicking the 1st option on the boot/grub menu.

Once you’re on the Raspbian desktop, click on the terminal icon on the top left corner. It will be a black square with a “>_” symbol inside of it. Once it opens type the command “sudo raspi-config”. A settings menu will appear. Go the 6th option which should say “Advanced Options”. Press Enter and another menu will appear. Go to the last option which will say “AA Network Config”, press Enter. It will give you 2 options, “dhcpcd” and Network manager. Select the Network Manager option and it will ask you if you want to enable it. Agree and click “Finish” on the bottom right by using your direction keys (left and right). The system will reboot. Now when you go to your WiFi icon on the top right, it will allow you to connect to the available WiFi networks around you.

For whatever reason, network manager is disabled by default on Raspbian and it’s what prevented me from connecting to the internet and seeing other networks. At least, this was my case. Hopefully, you can fix your network problem too.

To answer your initial question, no the commands:
“sudo apt install linux-image-lc-lts-arm64 && sudo reboot”
didn’t work for me.

Their command didn’t work for me as it requires me to connect to the internet. As previously stated, I don’t have the option to use an Ethernet cable and my wireless adapter didn’t want to work at first.


Worked for me, thanks for the help mate!!