How to run custom iso file on le potato? Newbie unfamiliar with terms

I’m a bit confused on how to go about this. I’ve gotten the Ubuntu server to load on le potato.

But now I want my own specific version that has all my packages pre installed.

I’m not sure if I need to build an .img file like the Ubuntu server one that Lebre recommends or if I need to make an .iso file with these packages?

Could you help walk me through what I need to do step by step. I have virtual box and was thinking I could maybe build out what I need inside virtualbox and transfer/flash to SD then move to le potato?

Help me understand how what I need to do/learn in order to have a custom image I can flash to SD card that boots up all my packages I want. Trying to avoid “apt install” for offline use.


You cannot build something in Virtualbox and transfer it to Le Potato.

You have to write a MicroSD card, boot, install packages, shutdown, dump the MicroSD card to an image using dd.

Thanks for the quick reply. Just make sure I’m understanding the steps.

  1. Writing a micro SD card
  2. booting the img
  3. install packages
  4. backup with dd

Are you referring to flashing the supported Ubuntu server lebre offers for the le potato?

My main computer is a Windows, for the last step of dumping SD with dd, I’m sure this is something I can use on my Windows. Or if necessary would using a Linux OS in virtual box to dump with dd might work if Windows doesn’t support dd?

Then I’m assuming after I dump the .img file with dd I can just flash the image back to an sd card at anytime to reboot my old data/packages?

Your thoughts and am I understating this process correctly?

Thanks a ton for your help.

Yes. Instead of dd, you can use Win32DiskImager.

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