How to screw screws into case

I purchased a LoveRPi Active Cooling Media Center PC Case with Fan for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Libre Computer Board, ASUS Tinker Board. I lost the documentation for it and I can’t get all 4 screws in. Please assist.

Hi and welcome!

With the dearth information you have given us, here is the best I can do:

The holes in the corners are for mounting the board to a case, the ones in the middle are for the heat-sink. Move things around until the holes line up and insert the screws. Turn them clockwise with a fitting screwdriver.

From the Amazon product page(next time please provide a link):

QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY: Screw optional design uses numerous latches to secure both the board and the case together.

So you might not need all of them. Maybe try opposite corners.

Good Luck!

EDIT: I assume you’re asking about the AML-S905X-CC. I don’t know anything about the hole placement on other boards, but the mounting holes in the corners should be the same.

  1. Align the HDMI port with the HDMI hole on the case. Make sure the board is below the clips inside the case.
  2. Push down the other side until the board is secured by the clips on the other side.
  3. Attach the fan to the case top half and secure the screws to the fan.
  4. Attach case top half. You can use the long screw to secure the top half to the bottom half.