I have a renegade used as a pihole (no HDMI output) via ethernet

I’ve been using my renegade libre computer happily for the last 3 months, I bought a fancy ssd card (ultra) and I set up rasbian + pihole via SSH.

After a couple months, today I found it’s not booting. After following (Troubleshooting General Boot Issues) I’ve found that both my red and green light are steady no matter how much I wait for them. I haven’t changed the power adaptor I’ve used on the last 3 months or anything at all, and now I can’t ssh to it or hook it to a monitor anymore.

The red and green light stay on, and don’t blink as long as it is connected.

Any tips on where to start debugging?

UART cable is your friend. It will tell you whats going on for any of our boards if you have no video. Baud rate is 1500000.

We also enabled HDMI out in early boot in the latest images released yesterday. You might want to give it a try.