I have Le Potato (S905X-CC) with 1G, Having issue on output resolution on Raspbian

I burn Raspbian and booted successfully. I found my video resolution coming to my FHD monitor is just 1024X768 . I can’t find a way to switch resolution. After a short research, i found the command “xrandr” which can display available options for resolution and also able to change it to any of available one. Unfortunately, my current resolution is the highest one. After my second research, I understood that the driver is not supported or it’s kind of fall back resolution. Is there any way to get FHD resolution on Le Potato?

FHD is fully supported. Check your HDMI cable and provide your monitor make and model.

Monitor Model: LT2223zwC
Manufacturer: Lenovo

With other computer, it’s working fine in FHD. But with Le Potato having the issue

This is a standard screen resolution and should be supported. If you are getting 1024x768, double check your cable or connection.

Thanks and I appreciate Libre for their support. I try with another monitor, it is working fine. May be issue with connectivity as you mentioned.