I have really been going mentel about this i just cant make the retro pie work

please help i have been trying and trying for this im using a le potato board the thing is just refusing to connect to the enther net cord its not atall installing any thing and sudo apt install rapidjson-dev i cant install this

the main problum is that its telling that its failed to connect to the ubuntu port or some shit

RetroPie is not supported. Use the search function to find batocera.

oh ok ill try lakka but please make retropie for le potato thank you for responding i just saw the blog post and it sead it works so i was confused

so lakka is not working its just a no signal image on it

Please read what we said or what is on the release notes page.

I will poke around at it over the next few days, however I do not support retropie, i make Slash TV Android OS and Retro Arena Linux OS, both focused on retro gaming.