I looked, I really did. What's the GPIO

max pin current and the overall max GPIO current of the Renegade?

I’m currently using a 330 ohm resistor to limit the current through a white LED driven by a FQP30N06L N-channel MOSFET using the J1.2 to supply a led resistor connected to the drain and the gate triggered by GPIO0_3. I plan on a larger load and Vsupply to the MOSFET but for now I’m checking out what works.

And can I feed power into J1.2 and J1.4 to run the Renegade?

Typically GPIOs provide or sink 2mA to 4mA. Do not try to provide or sink more than this amount as you can damage the transistors doing the actual toggling. GPIOs are not designed to be high current transistors.

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This thread was a good find about powering the Renegade through J.2/J.4,