Is raspbian-bullseye-arm64+aml-s905x a 64 bit OS?

Is 2022-09-22-raspbian-bullseye-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz a 64 bit OS?

And … can a 64 bit OS DLed from Debian, Raspbian or Ubuntu DL sites be directly installed on Le Potato.

Sorry if this has all ready been asked/answered.


As for the first qustion I’m pretty sure thats what the “64” in “arm64” is all about.

As for the second, maybe if they have an arm version but why would you? The Ubuntu and Raspbian images from Libre are tailored for these boards. You’d be giving up a lot of functionality.

It is my understanding that “arm64” in the OS name references the arm processor being 64bit. The Raspberry Pi 3 has a 64 bit processor but Raspbian for the Pi 3 is/was 32bit .

As for giving up functionality using a Debian arm64 OS, I am trying to find out what functionality, and if the Libre distro has all the programs the standard Raspbian distro has. Specifically, for me, amateur radio programs. Also, I rather not be dependent on the board developers for ther OS.
My Le Potato has arrived, and I’ve already DLed the distro so I guess I’ll find out in a couple of days.

I use Ubuntu, so cant double check for you.

Not the greatest philosophy for dealing with the badly fragmented SBC market, or if you want to find help here for that matter, since you wont be using an image they support. You’re turning down the os that’s been specially prepared for this board(at great expense to their company), and all the help and support that comes with it, and using the unsupported stock version of the same os. Suit your self I guess.

I said I don’t want to be dependent on the developer’s OS. Dependent. I DID NOT say I wouldn’t be using an image they don’t support. I DID say I had DLed a supported OS, and I did ask a question about it, and later clarified the question.
I have just purchased a Le Potato. I DLed a supported OS. I will be installing it, hopefully later this afternoon, testing it, and then hopefully using it for the purpose for which I purchased it.
I will suit myself.
Have a good day.

ALL-H3-CC H3 is the only 32 bit board.

Raspbian 10 is the only 32-bit operating system we offer but even that has a 64-bit kernel with 32-bit userspace.

We support all software that support upstream Linux. If the software does not support upstream Linux, then it is not supported and we will not support it either.

Thank you for the information. As I have said, I have DLed an OS from your servers and hopefully will be installing it tomorrow.
I guess I’ll need to find another source of information regarding running vanilla arm64 Debian or Raspbian on the Potato… and again for a backup only.
Thanks again.

My previous point was more based on the Idea you were going to “DL” a raspbian image that is less functional than the one provided.

No, if you look at your original post, you just asked two questions that lead me to believe you wanted to use other images. Using the abbreviation “DL” only made it more confusing. Then you “DLed the distros”? Which ones? How am I to know? It sounded to me like you wanted to to use a stock debian or raspbian image for some reason so I figured those were the distos you “DLed”.

In any case, I was only trying to help, I’m sorry if I misunderstood. On that note…

The functionality you’d be missing are things like the libre-wiring-tool and some GPIO functionality. I’m not sure specifically, because I’ve not tried. It’s all open source, so there’s no reason you can’t DIY install anything on any distro, but the same applies to your radio software too.

This guide is kind of light on details, but I think it’s what you need to flash the bootloader and use other distros:

I’ve also used Armbian on a different board, and that’s pretty slick. I’m not sure what packages are available, but they put out an image specifically for the potato too.