Is there a Server Image for Ubuntu 20.04?


I have a Libre Renegade and would like to run a Server Image of Ubuntu 20.04 but am only able to find 22.04.

Does such an image exist? If not, can I just run an equivalent image meant for a Raspberry Pi 3?



Yes, it’s on our distro server.

Why, thank you!

That seems perfect

Thank you, but there doesn’t seem to be a desktop build, only Base and Server. I was using Base, but it seems my build now requries a GUI. Was a Desktop build not available with 20.04?

We don’t support desktop on 20.04 because Mesa version is too old for accelerated desktop and they were based on X11 which is much slower than Wayland which is used on 22.04+.

Was there never a desktop version for 20.04? Or you just don’t support it anymore?

I’m just trying to think of my options here. I have some dependencies that are reliant on 20.04 that don’t work with 22.04

We never offered a 20.04. Install Ubuntu desktop from the base or server images but you will also need to copy X11 configs over.