Issue booting Le Potato

I’m trying to get the device to boot using the images that are provided on the site. I’ve been able to see the entire boot flow from R&B LEDs to +G to some level where Green goes to 50% intensity. I can see EFI boot lead into UBoot on HDMI and then after that Blue blinks off, Green drops to 50% intensity and I lose HDMI, then Blue comes back on. I’ve tried both Ubuntu and Raspbian, but to no avail. I’ve confirmed that I’m using a power supply that provides a 2A draw - I’ve used it for other boards that needed 1.5A without any issues. I don’t know if this is a thermal problem, the board is quite hot to the touch, more so than my most of the other SBCs I’ve used before - of them I’ve never used heatsinks or anything, so if that is mandatory, then let me know.

What devices do you have plugged in? Green should never drop in intensity. It’s either on or off. Drop in intensity means power issue. Try another power supply and/or get a voltage current measurement device to check the power supply voltage at 1A.

It wasn’t a power issue - it entered thermal runaway. After several attempts with different images, I finally got one that reported the error from the kernel. Submitted RMA and new one works fine. While I appreciate that it may be a common issue for people to be using the wrong power supply, I did already mention that I confirmed the power supply.

If you still have the board, please take photos of the top and bottom for us.