Issue with USB Alta AML-A311D-CC

I’m having some problems with USB ports. Whenever I attaches a keyboard, mouse, mic, wifi, things become unstable and nothing works from these devices. it is like there is lose in the usb connection. When moving the sd card and all usb to my second device everything is working without any problem.
i’m using Debian 12. If I manage to connect and reconnect the keyboard and mouse in different places some times it works and I don’t see any problem when running light or heavy load on the system.

I’m testing the device with llama and speech recognition to communicate with it with voice. there is a delay of 8 to 15 seconds in the response but it is acceptable and the performance is good for standalone device.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is it possible that it’s power consumption/supply issues, with multiple USB ports occupied at the same time?

Do you get the same issue when you only have one USB port occupied by one device, like only having the mouse connected?

Or only having an external HDD/SSD connected?

for WIFI usb yes,
dell keyboards and mouse no
other type of keyboards and mouses yes
I don’t see the same problem with the other new Alta AML-A311D-CC that I have.

This is an insufficient power issue. When you attach a device, it consumes too much power for your power supply and the voltage drops sufficiently for the USB devices to brown out.

Strange that you should have the issue on one Alta board but not on another (I presume while using the same power supply)… Are they different board revisions?

@librecomputer is the solution here just to use a power supply with a higher current rating, like 5A or 6A?

The power supply is 2A and it was working without any problem for the last month.
Both boards are the same version.

Alta requires a 5V 3A power supply. Also why is the hostname all-h3-cc-h5?

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I will try with 3A.
Regarding the hostname all-h3-cc-h5, I was testing with different images to make sure it wasn’t a configuration issue.

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