Issues with GUI on Ubuntu

Hi so I’m pretty new to this sort of stuff but I’m trying to run a Windscribe vpn server on my Renegade ROC-RK3228-cc, ideally I would like to control the via Windscribe’s GUI environment so I can access ROBERT directly… I was able to use a deb file someone posted on reddit when I attempted this with Le Potato and the same OS but I cannot seem to get it work… I tried building my own desktop app by following the instructions on the Github repository here and I keep running into this error: configuring incomplete
CMake Error at qtbase/cmake/QtProcessConfigureArgs.cmake:963 (CMake exited with code 1)
when it tries to build with cmake

If their build script does not work, I am not sure what we can do. Our Linux images are as standard as they come. You should open an issue with their repo.