Java GPIO Control

Hi - I am using the Le Potato 2GB board with the recommended CLI armbian installed. I have openjdk 11 and jre installed on the board and am currently writing on my laptop and then using an scp command to move the .jar over to the board. The application is an autonomous drone. I recognize that java is a strange choice here, but it is the language I am by far the most comfortable in.

Things are working fine, except that I cannot properly control the GPIO pins. I have combed through this page and I can’t seem to find any good information about java libraries/ a way to port my own. I am currently using Pi4J, which I now know will not work based on another this topic, but I am looking for guidance on this.

Attempting to control the GPIO pins (specifically open a Serial port on /dev/ttyAML6 throws a “UnsatisfiedLinkError” with complaints about a path related to what I am guessing is a native dependency. The path is /lib/raspberrypi/dynamic/

Please forgive me if this is for some reason a really dumb question, I am new to these boards and have almost always used a Pi before. I am essentially looking for a reliable way to interact with the GPIO devices on the Le Potato from Java.