Jellyfin in Docker on Ubuntu Server 22.04 on a Le Potato

I’m looking to get a Le Potato board to run Jellyfin, qBittorrent, Overseerr, Sonarr, Radarr, Prowlarr, Bazarr, Traefik, and PureVPN services. Obviously, that’s a lot, and while all will be running at the same time, I don’t expect that any more than 2 services will ever be doing “anything” at once. My question is: will a Le Potato board be able to handle all of this? It would be reading and writing to an external SSD, connected via USB, with the software and OS on an SD card. Please let me know if I’m delusional.

I am running Docker, Portainer, Vaultwarden, Home Assistant, Nginx Proxy Manager, Glances, PrivateBin, and What’s Up Docker on my Le Potato.

10-20% CPU usage, 60-70% RAM usage at idle.

You should be fine running those containers at the same time but I could see you running out of memory with all those + Jellyfin.