Kali Linux would make me happy and make some money

Love the Renegade for tinker projects. Still finding some room to love Le Potato for my purposes but all in all have become a Libre Computer brand ambassador to my fellow tech friends.

There is an accessible win in developing Kali Linux images for any Libre board. Couple their variety of headless, niche-purpose or full desktop images that they’ve released for ARM devices with the price gouged Rpi aftermarket and you have a pretty sick demand catalyst.

They have lightweight, headless builds for beaglebone and pi zero, pwn box builds for Pi zero w and full fledged desktop builds for Pi 3+ (and more I’m sure this is just to my knowledge). Look up the current retail cost of each of these devices and imagine I’d easily spend that with Libre Computer.

Source: I would rather buy 4 renegades for $200 than one over priced RPI. It’s free money.

Generally thinking that the overlap at the entry-level between people who understand SBCs and offensive security specialists hobbyists could continue to increase and eventually outpace your localized demand for things like retro consoles and tv boxes so running Parrot or Kali builds could be an accessible way to broaden where you’re driving sales and general interest.

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We can support any distribution. There’s a lot of foundation work being completed. Once those are completed, we can offer every distro available without much engineering effort. Kali is just Debian with some packages pre-installed. It is not very difficult for us to support.

So does that mean I can install Kali on the Renegade? If so What do I need to do to pul it off?

We have an UEFI compliant bootloader that can be flashed to a MicroSD card via libretech-flash-tool. If there is an ARM64 image of Kali that complies with standards, it should boot right now. Device driver support will vary depending on the version of Linux and the modules enabled.

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If you could build an image that just works, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Best to submit these requests to Kali. We only have the engineering bandwidth to support a few distributions. It requires a lot of CI tooling to bring up a distro. Point these to this thread.

Our bootloaders are EFI compliant and the libretech-flash-tool will put them in the right place on the boot device. It should be hard for one of the Kali devs to make images.

You just got yourself a new customer, for the price, especially of your RoC board. And for what Pi’s have jumped up to recently, I’m going to start purchasing your boards only the cost/product is insane. I’m just getting into offsec as a job but have played with, Pis in the past but I just was browsing Amazon and saw one of your boards pop up and for everything it has it absolutely a steal, plus I’ve been looking at the pi 4 but my thoughts have been why on earth spend $200 for this thing, when I could buy a cheaper windows laptop, and put more ram and an SSD in it and flash Kali and be good to go. I need a very small portable setup for the field, and I already have a compatible screen and everything so, your reply that you have a UEFI bootloader and your custom flashing program, just sealed the deal. I already knew I could just make my own custom image for this board but, but knowing when I do I won’t have any issues really getting it running is amazing. Just wanted to say thank you guys, and you have a new customer for sure. I might just stock up on multiple, at this price tbh just for future projects I have have had in mind but held off on cause I just couldn’t justify the costs. But with the AML’s it’s even more justified now and I love the fact they all receive infrared that could be super useful In future. I stumbled onto you guys out of nowhere but I’m incredibly happy I did. Thanks for the work you do and the awesome products your putting out.

I am going to order one of these ASAP so if I make my own custom image for your board and I get it going with no issues, would it be alright if I posted it here? The Git address? For the people who might just want to grab the image and flash it? As this was the first google link when I typed Kali and Libre ROC into Google? Again a sincere thank you to your entire team at Libre.

Edit: Spelling mistake.

We do everything based on upstream so our cost center is around the software. We provide standard upstream bootloaders and near upstream Linux based on the latest LTS. All of the code is on GitHub in an organized fashion. If you are a developer and have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

We recommend submitting patches for Kali upstream so it is officially in the Kali generators and tree. We do not like promoting and distributing images created by people since security is a big concern with those.

Let us know if you need any knowledge transfer.

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Fully understand and figured that half way as I wrote, when I get it done I’ll submit to Kali and if I hit any roadblocks I’ll be sure to ask. Thanks for your prompt response and believe me I fully understand what you mean! Look forward to getting your product in hand soon.

Please create a kali linux file for The Roc and lepotato