Kali Linux would make me happy and make some money

Love the Renegade for tinker projects. Still finding some room to love Le Potato for my purposes but all in all have become a Libre Computer brand ambassador to my fellow tech friends.

There is an accessible win in developing Kali Linux images for any Libre board. Couple their variety of headless, niche-purpose or full desktop images that they’ve released for ARM devices with the price gouged Rpi aftermarket and you have a pretty sick demand catalyst.

They have lightweight, headless builds for beaglebone and pi zero, pwn box builds for Pi zero w and full fledged desktop builds for Pi 3+ (and more I’m sure this is just to my knowledge). Look up the current retail cost of each of these devices and imagine I’d easily spend that with Libre Computer.

Source: I would rather buy 4 renegades for $200 than one over priced RPI. It’s free money.

Generally thinking that the overlap at the entry-level between people who understand SBCs and offensive security specialists hobbyists could continue to increase and eventually outpace your localized demand for things like retro consoles and tv boxes so running Parrot or Kali builds could be an accessible way to broaden where you’re driving sales and general interest.

We can support any distribution. There’s a lot of foundation work being completed. Once those are completed, we can offer every distro available without much engineering effort. Kali is just Debian with some packages pre-installed. It is not very difficult for us to support.