Kernel/Header updates not Loading

There have been five or six Libre kernel updates in the time I’ve been running this board, all of which have installed without apparent issue on my Renegade (32bit Bullseye, OMV).

I’ve only noticed recently the kernel version displayed as active in the OMV interface has not changed in all that time. Looking in the installed package repository all updates are present (apparently installed) but it’s the oldest kernel that’s loading. I realise the system only loads one kernel at a time, what I don’t understand is why it’s not loading the most recent update.

Can anyone tell me if it’s OMV that’s causing this issue? Is there a fix that might be achievable for someone with limited experience in Linux?


Most likely OMV. Our kernels get updated weekly to track Linux stable security updates.


Would installing grub be likely to help?

I’ve been told apt autoremove --purge will clear redundant kernels and update-grub will cause the latest kernel to load, does this sound reasonable?

I realise you can’t speak to OMV issues but the forums aren’t much help so far. It’s taken me all morning to get anyone to realise Raspbian can use grub at all

The system bootloader will load GRUB. GRUB gets updated everytime a new kernel is installed. Check your /boot/grub/grub.cfg.

/boot/grub/grub.cfg shows the Linux 6.1.21-04462-g10c45be70b80 kernel is set to load

Can you give me any idea how I should modify it?

I’ve read that it should not be modified directly but none of the commands I’ve seen that are supposed to address this give a result, including update-grub which gives a command not found error

Did you reboot after installing the new kernels? The kernels should not version lock unless grub or u-boot is forced to use a specific kernel.

Always reboot after any update. In addition to that the unit is shutdown overnight.

I appreciate that what is happening ‘should’ not be happening. I’m just trying to resolve the issue without more fresh installs that I do not have time for and further eMMC removals that I am concerned will result in damaged or worn connectors.

I’ll attempt a fresh install once a version of Bookworm is compiled for this board but I’d like to resolve this issue in the meantime.

We don’t offer bookworm. Where are you getting your images? Are you using a stock image and then installing OMV or did you create your own?

I’m using Libre compiled images. I only mentioned Bookworm in the future tense. I know very well you do not offer Bookworm. I’ve written nothing that suggests I think otherwise.

I’ve been pretty careful to document my setup accurately here.

The question is (and was) how can I modify boot/grub/grub.cfg so as the installed Libre Kernel and header updates will load on a Pi OS install (from the Libre repository) with OMV?

I am seeking to understand how to update boot/grub/grub.cfg manually as for whatever reason it is not updating as it should.