Le-Potato: A better browser or configuring Chromium-browser?


Using the current OS download s905 I am using this “better-than-pi” as the headless display for our home IoT stuff. The OS browser, Dillo sucks as it does not seem to want to handle Ajax Page updating.

I installed Chromium-browser and it works fine while running. But, if the s905 reboots for any reason (power outage etc) when Chromium starts again, I get a message about a failure to Load a page and a button to click to “Retry.” This is not good as I have to get a keyboard and plug it in to click it.

With the former Pi-B+ it would all work as expected and the browser would go full screen, but the B+ decided to quit so I bought the Le-Potato. Extremely happy with it, but Chromium is behaving differently.

Is there a better browser or any thoughts on how to make chromium bend to my will?

Dillo is the browser provided by Raspberry Pi in the Raspbian images. If you use our Raspbian images, it comes with Dillo because that’s what Raspberry Pi provides.

If you want Chrome, use Ubuntu. If you have spontaneous reboots, it’s your power supply. Use the search function as the topic of bad power supplies has been covered many times.