Le Potato boot issue: Blue and red LEDs lit up

My Le Potato arrived today, but when I try to boot it, it only shows a blue LED and a red LED. I only have one functioning SD card because it’s new. Can someone help me?

You need a properly flashed MicroSD card. Use search before posting.

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Solved, the problem was just the umbrel .img that didn’t boot, I put ubuntu and it worked

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Umbrel releases Pi only OS. We support pi-gen that is used to generate images so they can offer images for any of our boards if they merge their patches on top of our fork.

Could someone with more experience do this and make it available here?

We do not have the bandwidth to maintain outside projects. You should open a request with Umbrel devs and you can point Umbrel devs to this pi-gen: GitHub - libre-computer-project/pi-gen: Tool used to create the official Raspberry Pi OS images

Or you can run their manual installer.